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Renovation Project

The Free Church of Scotland congregation in Lochgilphead was formed at the Disruption in 1843, the church building was erected in 1844 and a Free Church congregation has worshipped on this site since that time.


The Lochgilphead Free Church building was redesigned inside in 1912. However, it has now needed extensive renovation for some time. Work to restore and modernise the building began in 2012 with the replacement of the roof followed by the removal of pews and stripping of internal woodwork, but due to various setbacks and difficulties it was not possible to complete the planned renovations at that time.


Our building is not listed, but it is situated in Lochgilphead’s conservation area, so we are restricted in terms of external modernisation. It is outside the area of the current Lochgilphead Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) so not currently available for grant help from that scheme. We have appointed an architect and have plans submitted for the council’s approval for the renovation of the inside of the building, installation of new windows, and for essential maintenance of the external stonework. 

We already have the funds for the first phase of the project and are currently working to raise the necessary funds to complete the work. 

We would be very grateful for your prayers and support of this project and if you feel able to make a financial contribution please visit our Donations page

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